Wisdom From a Blank Piece of Paper

"The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy"... John 10:10

I did not want to go to church yesterday...I mean I did...but I didn't.   But...I put on my big girl pants and went to church (not sure I was in the right frame of mind going in there...but I was straightened out by the time I left)

Ok... We have all heard " the Lord works in mysterious ways" right? Right!

So in church this morning they had Prayer Stations setup and one particular station had these white pieces of paper and what you would do is paint on that white paper with watercolors or markers. A white word would appear from underneath the color with a word that maybe you needed, or described you, or gave you a little wink from God to say... I'm here, you're on the right path, don't give up, believe in what you are doing because I believe in what you are doing.

Wanna know my word? HaHa...did you think I would give it up that easy? No way!

This past week has been really tough for me. People's actions were called into question, people I care about who use to be close were ripped apart and relationships ruined. People's morals and heart were doubted and it's safe to say things will never be the same.

In this past week several people intruded upon and had things stolen from them and didn't even realize it. That's what a thief does... He steals from us and in the commotion of trying to figure the who, what, when, how and why we don't realize what we have truly lost.
In this situation faced this past week, this if what the thief stole. Trust in one another, Belief in unrewarded kindness, Faith that our journey is worth the journey, Love in each other, Trust and caring for those hurting around us.  He replaced it with Reluctance, Disappointment, Anger and the ability to Hate another one of his children.

But what I realized Sunday morning, in that little white piece of paper was this. God was saying there is still this word. This word helps us believe that all these hurts and disappointments can be healed. This word lets you remember that there is forgiveness. This word...4 little letters...letting us know, letting ME know that when you are doing good, the thief wants to rob that from you. So you have to have this word to wake up everyday, push forward, find the stuff that thief stole from you, get it back and start over.

My white piece of paper was one of maybe 100. I pulled it from the middle of the stack because...I was a doubting Thomas that morning.

This was my word...

I will close with this. Our preacher said these words and they hit me right between the eyes! Drop your agenda's, quit trying to be right and let God love and forgive you!