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Tonja Joins Distinguished Panel To Discuss The Road To Success In Country Music
Monday, March 14, 2011
Raleigh, NC

Tonja was honored to be a part of the distinguished panel that were gathered by Joe Wade Formicola to discuss what it takes to have a hit record in country music from the independent side of “Music Row”. Joe Wade, a country music industry vet and two time Billboard DJ of the year winner, hosted the panel this weekend which included Kevin Herring, current President of Skyville Records and former Lyric St President, Jaye Albright from Albright and O'Malley, Barry Mardit, former program director, and Lisa McKay, Station Manager for WQDR in Raleigh.

Tonja was able to discuss the ups and downs of getting a deal in Nashville and her decision to sign with Identical Entertainment and the success thus far of her debut single, “Where Would Your Heart Be”. Kevin discussed the “intangibles” that separate the good artist from the great ones, while Jaye and Barry provided perspective from their years of experience in the radio business. Lisa added her input to how radio programmers decide what music to play on radio and give the results of a test on Tonja’s current single where listeners give “Where Would Your Heart Be” an impressive 3.8 out of 5 in a survey conducted earlier in the week. The group fielded questions from listeners and the other panel members give advice and encouragement to Tonja as she embarks on the task of promoting her music to radio. Joe Wade hopes to recall the panel member in the future to discuss further the topic.