Everytime I Second Guess Why I Am In This Business...I'll Read This!

This is from Ivan Parker's Newsletter.  This is in regards to the song "Who I Am Ain't Who I Was" that Mark Narmore, Rob Harris and Myself wrote.  Ivan recorded it on his "Joyride" cd and released it as his first single off of this album.  

I literaly pulled off of the road to finish reading this!  So, everytime I second guess why I'm in this business and why I continue to believe that God will use me and my music to make a difference...I'll pull this out and read it!

From Ivan's Newsletter:


 "I had a sweet lady that recently came to a concert and wanted to share with me her experience concerning one of the new songs "Who I Am Ain't Who I Was". She was in her mid thirties and had brought her young daughter to my concert mainly to hear this song. Her testimony was one that took her several years back as a teenager hanging out with the wrong crowd. She began to join in with the crowd and started to drink at a around 14 years old and found herself hanging out and doing things that she knew went against her parent's teachings. Somewhere around 18 years old she came to accept the fact that she was an alcoholic. For the next several years she lived with a lot of guilt but just kept going with her lifestyle, and at 26 years old she woke up to realize that drug addiction had also taken over her life. In the years ahead she continued to crawl closer to the edge where a decision had to made. Here is the good part! Eighteen months before our conversation took place this edge brought her face to face with a God that her parents had prayed to her whole life. She reached out to HIM for the first time and found out God's forgiveness has no boundaries! He not only saved her but delivered her from these addictions that held her captive and was destroying her life. Then another tough part of her testimony unfolded as the guilt from her past began to set in. The load that haunted her now was that she could not forgive herself. She lived everyday thinking of all the ones in her life she had disappointed and broke their hearts over and over. Then one afternoon driving down the interstate the radio came on without touching it and guess what was playing? "Who I Am Ain't Who I Was" was just starting and it caught her attention and as she listened to those words that would become hers. The spirit of release came over her and as she cried out and pulled over on the side of the interstate God began to bath her with confidence and healing that put her past where it belonged. See God still heals even today no matter what the situation so parents do not give up on that child or spouse or even a mom or dad that you have been praying for. Do not let satan steal your relationship or the joy that WILL come. Remember always to pray and give your all to God but also remember someone has your back and is praying for you!"


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