It's soo PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!

Today my entry is not about radio spins or radio stations adding my song.  It's not about cd sales and where I'll be 6 months from now.  It's not about how big a stage I can sing on or what I might say someday if I were lucky enough to receive an award.  It's not about what I should wear today or what shoes go with what outfit or how I'm going to fix my hair.

Today is about a little girl who is struggling.  Today is about a little girl who is smiling and is going to smile until her last breath is gone.  Today is about a mother and father who are looking their worst fear in the eyes... watching their "baby girl" in a fight for her life.  

For is about perspective...what and who is  important in your life.  For is about looking past myself and seeing what I can do for those around me. For is another chance to make a difference in someone's life.  For is another chance to be Salt and Light.  

I've only known Savannah for 6 months and she had me at "HI".  An amazing child from God who has been placed in this walk, I believe, to effect the lives of those around her.  And boy has she done that!!!  She's amazing...even on her worst days...she tries to smile.  Is it fair that this beautiful child is fighting Cancer for her life...NO.  Is it fair that while all the other kids her age are going to see Justin Beiber at the theater, she is stuck in a bed with unimaginable pain? NO
Is it fair that she does not know what her tomorrows may bring as she approaches her 11th birthday on February 23rd?  NO

None of it seems fair...BUT, let me tell you what this hand picked angel from God has accomplished in her 10yrs.  
She's Laughed and made others laugh.
She's cried and made others cry.
She's acted silly and made others act silly too.
She's been a wonderful daughter, an amazing big sister,  an unforgettable niece,  a precious step-daughter... and someone who has brought together thousands of people through her story, with her smile and with her heart...and to me an inspiration whom I'll will never forget.
I'm not blogging this to make everyone feel bad...not at all.  I just want to make people to be more aware and consider what's really important and what's really not.  

6 months from now I won't remember what I wore or how I did my hair or what shoes I picked out to wear on this day...but I will remember Savannah's Smile and how she befriended a stranger who was coming to her house to "cheer her up" and "encourage" her in her walk...and how that, who wanted to be a blessing in a little girls life, walked away that evening completely blessed by her.  

I love you Savannah.
It's so PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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